Mark Varacchi Ex Hedge Fund COO/CEO
Ex Ponzi Schemer/Fraud Expert

Engage, Protect, and Innovate with Mark's Expertise


As a seasoned Hedge Fund COO, I spent my career meticulously creating, evaluating, and identifying flaws in systems, processes, and software. My unique perspective comes from hands-on experience in circumventing numerous trading, risk, margin, operations, and compliance processes at Prime Brokers, Banks, Broker Dealers, AML/KYC processes, and Investor Reporting. This journey allowed me to master both the construction and exploitation of financial systems.

Here’s the reality: Despite the sophistication of modern financial systems, vulnerabilities remain. Shockingly, no "official authority" has ever delved into understanding how we kept our operations under the radar for so long, nor have they sought to learn how to prevent future occurrences.

Your Opportunity: Learn from someone who has been on both sides of the table. With over 20 years of in-depth experience and an unparalleled track record, I am uniquely positioned to share real-world insights and actionable strategies to help you safeguard your organization against fraud.

Mark’s Background

  • Hedge Fund CEO/COO with over 400+ street accounts on one platform, 50+ separately managed accounts, and extensive experience in onshore and offshore funds.
  • Ex-Tiger Management and Ex-Diamondback Capital Management Senior Operations.
  • Sat directly on the Trading Desk (1999-2001) at a $4B+ AUM Hedge Fund  invloved in the largest insider trading case of all time.
  • COO of USA/International Equity Fund for 4+ years, managing trades, swaps, options, and CFDs across Europe, UK, and USA.
  • Former Bear Stearns Internal Control Accountant.
  • 20 years of expertise in creating and exploiting systems as a Hedge Fund COO, with a deep understanding of compliance inefficiencies.

Why Invite Mark to Speak?

1. Unmatched Insight:

  • I offer an insider's perspective on fraud techniques and tricks of the trade still prevalent today.
  • Learn how historical fraud methods are being repeated and how to spot these patterns.

2. Game Theory and Future Trends:

  • Understand the application of game theory in fraud prevention.
  • Discover how artificial intelligence is poised to revolutionize the fraud landscape with real simulations  and see some of the simple ways to stop it and companies at the forefront of combating AI fraud.

3. Practical Guidance:

  • Identify what to look for, who to look for, and how to read the subtle signs of fraudulent activity.
  • Learn why your best defense against fraud may not be who you think it is and why many are unaware of their role in fraud prevention.

4. Proven Experience:

  • As a former Hedge Fund CEO/COO, Tiger Management alum, and senior operations leader at Diamondback Capital Management, my experience spans high-stakes environments.
  • 2+ years sitting on the trading desk of the Hedge Fund involved  in the largest insider trading case in history and a deep understanding of the weaknesses in financial systems.

Transform Your Approach to Fraud Prevention

By inviting me to speak, you are taking a proactive step toward fortifying your organization against fraud. My presentations are tailored to deliver impactful insights and practical strategies, ensuring your team is equipped with the knowledge to identify and prevent fraudulent activities.  

Most importantly they speak to and examine the biggest risks of today. 

Artificial Intelligence has empowered bad actors and criminals worldwide to effortlessly impersonate employees, family members, and executives. By utilizing cloned voices and real-time video deepfakes, these criminals can commit fraud by mimicking the appearance and sound of trusted individuals. This has resulted in millions of dollars in losses, including a significant incident where a major engineering firm lost $25 million in a single attack. As AI models and techniques evolve, the potential damages escalate, making it crucial to understand this threat and implement protective measures to defend against it.  I have teamed up with a company at the forefront of battling AI Deepfake fraud and will  show you the best way to prevent what you are going to encounter sooner rather than later in a cost effective way.  

Take Action Now: Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact me today to schedule a speaking engagement and empower your team with the expertise they need to protect your firm from financial fraud.

Speaking Points

Insider Knowledge

- Firsthand Experiences (What Mark Did and How)

  - Real-life case studies from Mark’s career

  - Detailed accounts of “successful” fraud schemes

Preventive Measures

  - What could have stopped these frauds

  - Insights into creating more robust processes

-Using a “Self-Inflicted Multi Personality Disorder” to your advantage

  - Effectively analyzing systems, procedures, and reporting from “outside yourself”

  - Viewing reporting from the perspective of the receiver: a plain vanilla investor, a criminal, and a regulator

Artificial Intelligence methods and examples of Fraud using  Deepfakes, Voice and the prevenative overlays there for both interraction with your customers and for internal communications

Risk Management

  - Why only “reacting” to fraud is insufficient and always a losing trade.

  - The necessity of proactive fraud prevention and determining if your “proactivity” is actually a preventative or are you fooling yourself

-Getting below the surface

Audience Takeaways

  - Enhanced vigilance and proactive checks

  - Innovative compliance strategies

  - Risk assessment and mitigation tactics

  - Strengthening internal controls

-Try the “K” in KYC

  - Ensuring regulatory compliance and protecting reputational integrity

  - Discussion on the roles of compliance versus sales traders in fraud prevention

Key Messages

- Understanding Fraud Techniques

  - Awareness of past and present fraud methods

  - Learning from real-world examples

  - Staying ahead of evolving threats

  - Investing in technology and training but most important, people

Why Attend

-Insights from someone who has firsthand experience using financial systems and processes to exploit criminal opportunities

-Practical advice on enhancing your firm’s defenses and outlook

-Some very interesting true-life stories you won't believe


Join us for a deep dive into the world of financial fraud with Mark Varacchi. Secure your spot today and fortify your firm's future.



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